Groov-e Tempo Bluetooth Headphones

Uh oh. This does not look good.

Sometimes you’re put off a gadget before you even get it out of the box.

The Groov-e Tempo bluetooth headphones are one such product. The branding, the packaging all a little, well, market stall.

As I get them out of the pack things don’t improve much. Cheap, flimsy-feeling plastic. Pads that wobble rather than flex, coated in a hyper-fake plastic leather.

So far, so bad.


Then I turn them on, pair them with my phone and pop them on my head.

Hmmm. These are actually quite comfortable. Very light. How long was that battery life again? 10 hours? OK, that’s quite impressive.

What do they sound like? Oh. That’s actually not bad. Punchy, bassy and with a good sense of stereo. Any interference or hum from the wireless connection? Nope.

Right, how much are they again? £35?

Perhaps I have been a bit harsh. I have just been reviewing £300 headphones. These are a tenth of that online. Sure, they probably cost a tenth to make, and they don’t look premium. But they don’t sound bad at all, and they are still comfortable on my head. My ears aren’t even sweating against that fake leather.

These might actually be a really good pair of office headphones. Listen to music without disturbing your colleagues. Hands free for calls. Light and comfortable so you can wear them all day.

You’re probably not going to want to sport them on the commute, unless you’re really scared of being mugged (or aren’t as vain as most of us). They’re not going to win any style awards.

But at £30? Maybe not a bad piece of office kit.

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