Go Travel Mobile Control Earphones

Go Travel isn’t a brand we see often in this office. It’s not a familiar name. But it provides a wide range of tech-flavoured devices, including the Go Travel Mobile Control Earphones.

I confess that due to the unknown brand and rather unassuming blister pack, my expectations were low. These looked like the sort of product you’d buy in an emergency at the airport having forgotten your regular earphones. A desperation purchase whose barely-adequate performance would leave you resenting their airport-inflated price.

That impression isn’t dispelled by the feel of the wire: that soft, almost sticky rubber only found in budget products. But then things start to take a surprising turn.

Some thought has gone into these products. At the point the wire splits towards the ‘phones, there is a combined clip, wire-wrap and splitter. You can store excess cable. You can pin the phones to your lapel. And you can share tunes with someone else. There’s a microphone and single-button remote further up the wire, and it all feels pretty robust.

Plug the Go Travel Mobile Control Earphones into your phone and bring up some tunes and this is where it gets really surprising. The earphone fit is comfortable. And the sound is…great! Genuinely. It feels unadulterated, unlike so many earphones now. The bass is strong but not excessive. Mids are punchy. Vocals clear. These are as good as budget earphones from any of the major manufacturers.

You’re not going to get a real sense of excitement from buying these headphones. Tearing open a blister pack from an unknown brand isn’t like unfolding the intricate cardboard puzzles of more expensive brands. There’s no kudos in the little ‘Go’ logos inscribed on the outer end of the Go Travel Mobile Control earphones. But in purely practical terms these are a solid purchase. The price is low (£14.99), the sound is good, and the additional features are practical.

Whether it’s for an additional set of ‘phones, or an emergency airport purchase, you could do a lot worse than the Go Travel Mobile Control Earphones.

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