EE ‘Buzzard 2’ 4G In-Car Wi-Fi

Our cars are connected places these days. Sometimes you don’t want to be hammering your phone’s battery or data plan when you’re out and about. Especially when there’s more than one person in the car using the connection. Enter EE’s 4G Wi-Fi router for your car.

EE’s nifty little router plugs into your 12v accessory socket (if it’s still a cigarette lighter to you, take your Marlborough Lights and go back to the 90s). Hold the single big power button down for a few seconds and the light comes on, it boots up and before you know it, you have Wi-Fi in the car that can be shared between up to 10 devices.

EE’s network is both fast and far-reaching. My first call on this device was in a car park on the Firth of Forth where my usual network’s signal simply didn’t reach. Crank up the EE Wi-Fi and I could get on Google Maps again and navigate the next leg of my journey. Phew.

Topping up was a doddle via the connection manager opened up in my phone’s web browser. And thanks to the external power socket, I could keep my phone charged and connected while on the move.

If you regularly travel with colleagues or kids, or you’re very reliant on streaming music services for your in-car entertainment, then EE’s in-car Wi-Fi proposition is a good bet as a boost to your usual data package. Data plans start from as little as £12 per month for 2GB with no up-front cost on a two year plan (it’s £39.99 on pay-as-you-go), maxing out at £30.50 per month for 64GB. Personally I’d like to see unlimited tariffs at that sort of price, but then I am a very heavy consumer.

For most, the PAYG option will give a good occasional connectivity boost, and the peace of mind that you always have a second network to call on, should you need it.

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