Dome8 iPhone Case w/ Earphone Wrap

Some gadgets are very much of their time. You just know, looking back from the future just a few, short years ahead, we will chuckle at these devices. Or our children will.

“You had wires? On your headphones? And the tangles were so bad you needed a special phone case to sort them out?”

Yes. Yes we did.

This case may look like a gimmick at first. And as we begin the transition to fully wireless earpods, it may seem like it’s already an anachronism. But most people still have wired earphones of the easily-tangled variety that come with their phones. And there are worse ways to manage them than to wrap them around a rubbery spool on the back of your phone case.

Yes, this makes the case chunky. No, it’s not pretty. But it is a) cheap at £12.30 and b) entirely functional.

If you want a cheap and cheerful way to store your ‘phones and protect your phone, go get yourself a Dome 8.

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